Pet Robots

Pet Robots, a graphic novel by Scott Sava, was an acclaimed book revolving around robots, a toy factory, and plenty of fart jokes. This all ages read has been enjoyed by many a child (and adult), which is why we are proud to announce that we already have concept designs out for the Pet Robots Movie! However, first check out the original graphic novel!


Though Scott Sava (directing the film as well as writing the comic) is finishing work on Animal Crackers, he plans to begin the script after Animal Cracker’s release. Luckily, character designer Armand Serrano has worked up some initial character designs for the robots Rock,robots-study-25.jpg





and Aqua!


While character designer Carter Goodrich has been busy with mad toy maker Vandenburger Meisterburger…

Vandenburger A-220.jpg

…and a new addition to the cast, Vandenburger’s secretary Rubie!Rubie212.jpg

Please remember, however, that the above are only concept art and not the final film designs! More information will be published as the movie progresses into stages of production, so check back soon!

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