About Us

In 2000, Blue Dream Studios opened our doors to clients. Since then, we’ve built our reputation on bringing characters to life.

From Casper the Friendly Ghost to Spider-Man, to Star Wars, to Star Trek…we’ve been blessed to work on some of the biggest and most beloved properties of our time.

In 2003, Blue Dream Studios began publishing their own line of books and toys with Award Winning and Critically Acclaimed series such as Pet Robots, The Dreamland Chronicles, Ed’s Terrestrials, Cameron and his Dinosaurs, My Grandparents are Secret Agents, and more!

In 2014, we began our first Animated Film based on one of our most popular… Animal Crackers! We opened our sister studio Blue Dream Studios Spain in Valencia, Spain with over 120 amazingly talented artists and in 2017, production was finished.

Now a major motion picture starring John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Sylvester Stallone, Danny DeVito, Sir Ian McKellen, and many more!

This is the first in what we hope MANY films Blue Dream Studios can bring to life for all the world to see.